All That's Puja's ready inventory of aarti's to listen to and recite for different puja's.

Our vision is to evoke a sense of religion and connect to Indian culture, tradition & rituals while reinstating a sense of belongingness to your home and providing in-depth knowledge of our roots and ancestral traditions which are slowly being forgotten

The chanting of Aarti's, shlokas and mantras is the final act to showing reverence to Gods and Goddesses

Aarti Collection

Ganesh Ji Aarti

Ganpati Aarti

Gayatri Mantra

Guruji Mantra Jaap

Karwa Chauth Katha

Maa Ambe Ji Aarti

Maa Durga Ji Aarti

Maa Saraswati Ji Aarti

Mata Vaishno Devi Aarti

Mata Laxmi Ji Aarti

Shiv Ji Aarti

Shiv Tandav

Sri Ganga Ji Aarti

Shri Hanuman Ji Aarti

Shri Krishna Ji Aarti

Shri Ramchandraji Aarti

Shri Vishnu Ji Aarti

Surya Mantra